Riley Creek/Willow Bay Eurasian Milfoil Treatment will happen Tuesday August 28th

Aquatechnex biologists will be posting the affected areas around Willow Bay for the August 28th treatment on Monday August 27th.  Treatment will be the following morning.

An updated treatment map can be viewed at August 28 Treatment Map

You can view this site, enter your address and see where you are in relationship to the treatment zone and a number of other things on the web map.


Treatment Delayed

Due to unforeseen circumstances, the aquatic herbicide treatment in the Riley Creek/Willow Bay area was cancelled this afternoon.

We will be returning Monday August 27th to re-post notification on all affected properties with a plan to do the application on Tuesday August 28th.

Riley Creek/Willows Bay Area Eurasian Milfoil Treatment Set for Thursday This week

Aquatechnex will be posting the affected areas on the Pend Oreille River for the Eurasian Milfoil herbicide treatment that will be performed Thursday August 23rd,  the treatment map can be viewed at this link Treatment Map for Riley Creek/Willows Bay

Please note that the other treatment site on this map at Gosling Point was treated last week and is not part of this effort.

We will be using Diquat herbicide, the water use restrictions on potable and irrigation use are three days post treatment.  There is no swimming or fishing restriction on the label, we generally post a 12 hour swimming precaution to allow the material to reach an equilibrium and dilute from the zone.

First Two Treatments Announced

Aquatechnex will be making two applications on the Pend Oreille River in August as part of the ISDA Eurasian Milfoil Control Program.  The first of these will be at Gosling Point/Thema Slough area the week of August 13th with a target date of Tuesday August 14th.  The second of these will be the following week on the south shore near Riley Creek Campground/LeClede Boat Ramp.

A treatment map can be viewed here  Treatment Map

The Gosling Point Treatment is noted in the Blue Polygon, the Riley Creek Treatment sites are noted in the two green polygons on this map.